What are Single-Use Plastics?

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Single-use plastics, also called disposable plastics, are plastic products designed and made with the intention of it only being used once before it’s tossed out or recycled.

Some common items are; grocery bags, packaging, straws, cutlery, cups, container and bottles. These are items that we’ve all used before and most likely on a regular, if not daily bases. How did we come to rely so heavily on single use plastics?

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Plastic is cheap to produce, lightweight, versatile, and easy to make. Because of these reasons, we produce more plastic than any other material. This trend started in the 1950’s and seems like it will continue for the next 10-15 years. Global plastic production is still on the rise and it’s shifted from durable plastics to single-use plastics.

This all can be overwhelming when we can’t manage the amount of plastic we’ve already produced. However, we need to deal with it because it is the biggest environmental problem of our time.

Being more informed is good place to start, and that’s the purpose of our blog. Once people are more informed, they’ll take action! They'll tell others about what they’ve learned and then those people in turn will do the same. That’s the power of education!

Protecting the environment is on all of us! Give us a fighting chance and share this with a friend!

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